Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Doug's Beginnings

Douglas Glen Wigley was born the fourth child and third son of Hazel Marie Scott and James Lavoy Wigley in Myrtle Point, Oregon. He has survived two near drownings as a toddler and an older married female teen driver not paying attention as she rushed to her divorce hearing when she hit Doug as he was walking back to school in a crosswalk at the age of 11 years old in Danville, Arkansas. He received a broken pelvis that causes him pain to this day and head trama, which meant replacing a piece of his skull with a now fused peace of mesh. He was very close to death several times from his injuries.

His mother, Hazel Marie Scott, who goes by Marie, was born in Eagle Town, Oklahoma located on the south-east border of Oklahoma and Arkansas. She is the daughter of  Floyd Odell Scott and Edna Laverne Brooks. Marie is the second born child and oldest daughter of the six children born to Floyd Odell and Edna Laverne Scott.

Doug's father, James Lavoy Wigley, is the son of Walter Lee Wigley and Nancy Lou Etta Kitchens. James was born in the south side of Danville, Arkansas in a town called Waltreak. He is the youngest of seven children born to Walter Lee and Nancy Lou Etta Wigley.


  • Ralph Lynn 
  • Richard Gene
  • Kathryn Abigail
  • Douglas Glen 
Doug has always been drawn to electronics and ham radio. As I understand he spent his teen years rewiring his parents home, according to his mother and tearing things apart to see how they worked. Doug states he put wire antennas in the walls and the attic. The wires in the attic were attached to the gutter to make it into an outside antenna for his ham radio obsession. Oh, his poor parents! At the age of 16 in his Senior year of High School, Doug elected to take Vocational training in electronics in Ozark, Arkansas. In 1980 Doug signed up to join the Air Force of which he served his 20 years and in 1981 he married me, Katherine Joyce Matlock.